Fusion Health Astra 8 Immune Tonic | Vegan Supplements

Protective immune tonic, promotes resistance & recovery


Astra 8™ Immune Tonic boosts your deference against recurrent colds, flu and sore throats, and helps you bounce back from these minor infections.


Features and benefits:


High potency immune-boosting formula combining herbs traditionally used in Chinese medicine to promote a healthy immune system and build resistance against minor infections


  • May assist in the management of recurrent upper respiratory tract infections , including colds , flu and sore throat
  • Suitable for use throughout winter by adults and children over 2 years old who are prone to recurrent sore throats, colds and flu , and to aid the management of chronic fatigue syndrome
  • When taken after colds and flu, Astra 8™ Immune Tonic may support recovery , enhance energy and vitality , reduce muscle aches , and help rebuild resistance against further minor infections (Taking Cough Lung Tonic at the same time may provide additional benefit when coughing is present)
  • Also increases resistance to stress and improves stamina , so is ideal to take when feeling run down


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