Every over weighted person always thinks how he can reduce his weight by not doing so much hard physical work. Some people used to go gym, some used to started dieting. Exercise is very helpful but when we talk about dieting maximum people don't want to do dieting. 


But don't worry, here are some natural weight loss tips will help you take control of your lifestyle and your health. Making positive, healthy choices can make a world of difference to your life and your waistline.


  • First, never skip meals. Your metabolism will slow down as your body goes into starvation mode, which is very dangerous for health.
  • Try to eat 5 to 6 time in a day but all these diet should be light. Try to ignore eat heavy meal.
  • Drink much and more water in day. And specially, before taking meals. It dulls the appetite by giving you a feeling of fullness.
  • Try to avoid sugar. Highly sweetened foods tend to make you body more heavy.
  • Try to finish your meal before 7 pm and take a long walk after taking evening meal.
  • Try to avoid oily foods, junk foods and fast foods.
  • Always use green vegetables, salad etc. in your meal. Always try to eat a seasonal fruit instead of taking Biscuit and other things.
  • Avoid drinking large quantities of fattening liquids, which are so easy to overdo. This includes alcoholic beverages. Sip Tea throughout the day as well as water.

Most importantly, lose weight for yourself, your health and your self esteem, not to please your family or your friends.


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